Live From Romantic Times Convention 2015 Part 2

Fan Girl Moment, E L James


2015-05-15 23.16.37There are only a handful of times that one person has made an impression on me. This wonderful lady did so last night. I’ve watched the influx of authors and such attack her, but never has she faltered or slunk off in a corner because of it.

Last night I met this beautiful soul. Her encouraging words to me was the icing on the cake for the day.  “Ignore the negative and always focus on the positive,” she said last night, as my editor Lori Perkins and I chatted with her for a few minutes, while fans lined up for their pictures with her.

Yes, some of us authors have MOMENTS in our careers where the jealous fanatics will come out and attack. My attacks were nothing compared to what a few of my successful friends have endured.

It’s time like this, when I talk authors like, EL James and hear her encouraging words, to never give up on your dreams and to receive a giant big hug from her personally, well it was another amazing part of my trip.

Even as this lady was leaving the bar last night, she smiled and nodded at me. Maybe she’ll forget last night since it was so busy, but for his author she gave me the encouragement I needed in my little rough spot in my career. So once more thank you EL James for enduring the fan girl MOMENT from one author, who can only hope to make half the success you have. She will always have a fan here no matter anyone says.

One last note, maybe it’s fitting I met, E L James now, with the Re-birth of my first novel being published just a few weeks ago. The same novel that was attacked so long ago, but “I’ll never give up on my dream, will you?”


Live From Romantic Times Convention

arrivingWelcome to Dallas, Texas where Romantic Times convention is taking place this year, 2015. Where if you aren’t hiding your cover poster’s from onlookers, men try and pick you up.


I’m sorry sir, but no I’m not in the dating world and you sure do not fit my bill for the kind of man I would want as a Sugar Daddy. But you did give this old girl a very nice compliment so thank you.


Second thing, always, always write down what you pay for even if they send a confirmation or not. Yes, this old lady forgot about reserving a shuttle from said airport to hotel, but on my part if you do not send me a confirmation before I arrive do not call my cell phone and yell at me. You were the ones who did not contact me to let me know I’d made the reservations. A matter of fact, I’m still waiting for the money I paid you for that reservation since it’s obvious you were not o\n the ball and screwed up, hence a nice little review will go to your company when I’m at home.


Third thing for today the hotel is amazing…The views are amazing here as you see above. But below is a view from the 12 floor in our hotel. Mind you I did not take this picture because of the vertigo.



Stay tuned for the next post from RT tomorrow and I tell you all about our Round Up!

End of Day 1 of Family Vacation

2014-06-25 17.03.33Well we got on the plane no problem, but as you can see husband was not a happy camper. He does not like flying and our plane ride was pretty good. Daughter and son did pretty good. But, guess what I knew I would forget something, so far actually I forgot three things.

1. Not allowed big bottles of shampoo, yep son’s Axe shampoo and my shampoo hit the garbage.

2. Sitting on our kitchen table  my bottle of IB, Excedrin, and allergy pills. (Can we say cussing up a storm!!!)

3. Hair brushes…How the hell am I supposed to comb daughter’s long hair with a comb? For that matter my hair and husbands.

2014-06-25 19.35.09

So we make it to our destination. Fort Lauderdale go to our car rental place. NEVER believe what they say on the internet. I was told 104 for a week at E-Z rentals I get there since I was paying cash I had to pay 237. YEP, not including the 100 extra deposit.

I will just say thank you to my father because we wouldn’t have a place to stay because that was part of our hotel money. Oh you should have heard me bitching…So make sure you call and ask. Seems people do not like cash how stupid can you be.

2014-06-25 22.32.43I pay the lady for our car and we are in the parking lot walking around our car inspecting it when we hear crunch. NOT a good crunch. To our left some guy was backing a white Malibu into one of the parking spots and just crunched the shit out of the back end. Parts were falling off of it. Next, we are driving out of the parking area and an idiot a head of me turns the wrong way and runs  over two sets of spikes to keep people out. Well it didn’t keep this idiot out.

Did have to laugh though, every car that passed us on the hwy my son and daughter were, “OMG look at that one,” then they turn and see another nice car. W

Hotel parking sucks and cost me another 50 bucks I didn’t have, but on a good note we owed less then I thought we did. But finding a parking spot was a bitch. Hotel room, not the best at all. It will do, but I want my Marriott. Next time I take the family on a trip I will make sure everything is paid for a head of time…

Stove dirty, not enough dishes or sliver-ware so will have to buy paper plates and a pack of plastic forks, not to mention soap and towels.

Another thing that sucks, NO COFFEE POT!!! Going to have to find a Starbucks in the morning. So that is the end of our day. Oh that is son in the pool he couldn’t wait to go swimming.

Contest…Just say hello to each post while I’m here and you will be entered for a box of goodies… Night folks will post again tomorrow. A day at the beach, walking around and finding my coffee. Hugs to you all. Oh yes, please excuse spelling and all since I’m so,so, so tired.

First Day of Family Vacation

Morning-June 25

2014-06-25 08.02.36Yep, this is me. No coffee, threw on clothes, and hair still messed up. I’ve done dishes, cleaned kitchen and changed purses. Oh and cats fed. Still have to clean their litter box, finish packing, get gas  in car, drop off key to park (that I forgot to do last week) and make sure kids have their bags packed and ready to go.

So for these few days I thought I would invite you along with us on our vacation. I’ll share pictures and such as my family goes on it’s first family Vacation. Got someone that will be house sitting, neighbors have been alerted, and attack animals on the loose. Not to mention family will be taking care of the house so that is all set.

Our first major hurdle of the day will be getting my family through the airport and onto the plane. Mind you none of my kids or husband have ever, ever been on a plane. Rubs hands and gets camera ready for this first. I did bu motion sickness pills so I might have each one take one after we eat this afternoon.

I will continuously add to this blog through out the week. I hope you will join me laughing, cussing,  and just having fun. Not to mention when I get back I will be picking one lucky winner for another one of my box treasures I love to give away….Will you be one of them? Example of said boxes: 2014-01-11 17.49.22Yep, I pack them filled with goodies. So look for my post tonight to begin our journey.




I will be the first to admit this is a very, very, bad day for me in the pocket book and emotionally. So be warned I’m going off and if the editing is not perfect to some of your standards, sorry I needed to get this out before I blew at some innocent person.

First, let me say I’m a very honest person. I hate, hate, hate anyone who lies. There is no excuse. Fine, if someone asks how they look or a child needs encouraging, a little padding is allowed.

BUT, when I purposely ask you, two times, will you accept no money down you tell me yes. Even knowing our credit is poor and  that we have a trade in that has dents in it you still tell us yes. Then to top it all off you tell us our loan is approved, that we need to come back tomorrow for the rest of the paperwork I again ask you the same question. Are you okay with no money down and paying off my trade in and you tell me yes again, third time. Not minding that it’s a 45 minute drive out there, gas prices go up because of the holiday, I waste two days writing time hoping to have my new car, but no…you lied….you lied….you lied…

I’m sorry to tell you that you need 1000 down and no we will not be paying off your car. We just want you to have another payment on top of the one you already have….


This is me in my head what I want to do at the dealership this morning, but I calmly pick up our papers, my water, keys and husband follows me out of the office not saying a word.

OH, but when I get into the car I see the gas needle. Where is the money you promised us for gas, but never delivered. Breathes heavy trying to calm down while driving home almost on empty completely broke because of the pests that tried to take extra money out of my bank account…

Second bad news of the day…

My insurance company decided I owed them more money then what they said, so hence them sending a second request for money without me knowing about it, bouncing three times…90 dollars worth of fees gone!!!

Do you have a hundred bucks to blow? I don’t. So I called the said, insurance company and ask why did you do this? They explain about the back dues and I try to inform the woman you can’t go into someones account and take money without them knowing about it.

Her words. “Oh, we know this and if you would have talked with a person instead of doing your arrangement online this would have been explained to you.” Can we say lucky she was not standing in front of me. So, no paying back that money and I still owe the extra 54 dollars they claim I owe.

I so need one of these….



My Writing Process Blog Tour

suannes pictures 092Thank you to Megan Slayer for tagging me in this blog tour. Here is the link to her post so stop by and see what she is up to.

1. What am I working on now?

a. Camouflage Heart: Book two of my Game Series

b. Forgotten One: Book two of the Surrender Series

c. Declaration of the Heat: Book two Beyond the Stars Series (Maria MoonStar)

d. Caging the Bengal Tiger: Book three in the Masters of the Cats Series

e. Loving Mama Bear: Book Nine in the Running in Fear Series


2. How does my work differ from others of it’s genre?

I love to read and have read many in my field, the one thing I like to include in my stories is the (after story) I want to give my readers a hint of what my hero’s and heroine will be doing after they come together. I also like a longer story, it’s very hard for me to write a short story which I’m in the process of doing now and it’s not going to good. 🙂 I’ve already went past my word count goal and see no ending yet.

3.  Why do I write what I do?

I”ve always been a dreamer. Stories dancing in my head, but never thought of really putting them down on paper till my Mother told me i should start writing. It was her belief in me that start me on my journey over ten years ago.

After reading so many wonderful authors in my genre’s the story ideas never stop. I love my genre and have a ball writing it.

4.  How does your writing process work?

I am not a plotter at all. Well, I shouldn’t say that I have a few series I have hidden away that I will pull out soon enough. But usually an idea will come to me and I just start writing.  Yes, I get stuck this is another reason why I have at least two stories going at the same time. I can take a break and come back to it, unless I’m on a dead line. As you can see above from my list I have at least five stories going two which are three fourths done.

Once a story is done I will make a quick read through looking for missing words, because I have a habit of typing so fast to catch up with my brain I miss words. After this, I send to beta readers, fix edits from them, then send off to editors.


I have tagged two people for the next round.

1. Louisa Bacio: Website



2. Tymber Dalton: Website



Mistletoe Maddness Blog

11Christmas is fast approaching, and this year I find myself so far behind to the point it makes me depressed thinking about it. Cards will go out later then I like, presents will be last minute items to pick and bills will have to wait on the side lines till it’s all over.

So this Christmas lets make this simple and fun. For the first task all I ask is that you like me on my author pages here:

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Second task, tell me have you ever been kissed under the mistletoe below? (Sadly me no) Leave me your email and I will send five lucky people a choice from my back list. That simple.

My favorite Christmas song.

I hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas, Holiday Season. Be safe out there and don’t forget to check out the other authors on the blog…


One Love and Three Hearts

I was born a woman, but I am trained as a warrior, and a protector of our kind. How was I supposed to know I’d fall hard not for one man, but three. Searching for the man that killed her family, Maya knew something was off when she stared down at the wolf.

His kind had killed her family, but now she was mated to three of their kind. Their three hearts beat for her and her alone. The years of loneliness were over. Her vengeance was now theirs.

Together, not only did they make mad passionate love, but searched for the single monster that could destroy her planet. Cats never gave up the hunt or forgot the scent of her enemy. This Saber-Tooth tiger would not give up, even if her men threatened to tie her up. She smiled, remembering last night when Akaos had tied her up using the new technique he had learned.

Oh yes, love comes at the weirdest and most unusual time that was for sure, but when it hits you there is nothing anyone can do.



Now for Trinity Blacio’s contest leave a comment on the first time you fell in love. Where were you when you figured out your were in love? One winner will win a print copy of my daughter’s story, the second book in the series Masters of the Cats. But that is not all, my friend Trinity Blacio is also offering two additional people a chance to win a PDF copy of any of her back titles which you can find here: Amazon

Remember to have a very happy and safe Halloween. I hate to disturb my men to come to your rescue if something happens. They can get cranky if they have to stop their search for the real killer. Maya and Trinity!!





With the end of summer right around the corner and children going back to school, it’s time for this author to get busy and clamp down on writing. I’m here to celebrate many new things  coming my way.

First, I would like to introduce my new assistant, Karen Hawk. She is an amazing woman who will be working with me to free up more writing time. You can contact her here:

Second, I now have a new website and host. I want to give a big shout out to Tina Pavlik, owner of The Romance Studio. She’ll be our new host, and is the creator of my new website, which is still a work in progress. I would highly recommend her to anyone. She has gone out of her way to help me and Faith Bickel-Brown when our websites despaired and we lost everything.  So please be patience as the new sites are being built.

A big shout out should go to Karenne, at Coffee Time Romance, for recommending Tina.

Third, the release of my second book, in my new series. Masters of the Cats: Dee’s Hard Limits, book 2 will be released on September 5, 2012 at Riverdale Avenue Books

Final CoverBlurb:

For over a hundred years, Dee Sabor has been fending for herself. Every time her mother was around, Dee saw the pain in her eyes. She was born from violence, her father a killer, rapist and literally the bogeyman of her nightmares. All Dee wanted was someone strong enough to love and protect her the way she craved, but could she keep them hidden from her father?

Talhrn was the oldest of his kind. He was put together like that of a robot, no mother or father. Parts of different species, melded together to create him. There were no memories of a loving childhood, just non-stop training, but all of that is going to change. With his weru’s, Todd and Marquis, at his side they would let nothing stop them from claiming their Little Kitten, Dee. She was everything they could want, strong, beautiful and in need of someone powerful enough to take her in hand. Now all they had to do was guard her from the monster that stalked her every move.

Together no one will stop them from becoming the kith they all want, not even his meru’s sexual desires. It would take all three men to push their kitten to her hard limits, but they were well prepared for the task at hand.

Puzzle Photo

Fourth, I have created, Street Team Trinity Blacio. If you are a fan of my stories and would love to help promote my stories. Come join us, we have contests and all sort of fun things.

Goodreads Link

Facebook Link

Five, I have a new contest starting on Goodreads. It will run till September 30. I’m offering the first book in my series: Masters of the Cats: Collaring the Saber-Tooth, tiger poster and small tiger blanket.

photo(9) Coming soon: Book 3 to Maria MoonStars series Sky Streamers.

Book two, for The Virgin Witch and The Vampire King: Wedding Bells Times Four, should be out Halloween. Book one can be found here: The Virgin Witch and The Vampire King